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Monday, May 14, 2012

A Magician's Heart on his sleeve

In some ways I wear my (performing) heart on my sleeve,
every show is very, very meaningful to me.
It will never be just another show or a "day at the office"
There is a drive, a desire and a sincere obligation to
every client, every audience to make the event special
with the magical entertainment presented.
I often become quite fond of the audience
(and guests) before the show.
We email back and forth, talk on the telephone.
I have the pleasure of getting to know the audience,
the guest of honor a little before the show.
They are allowing me to share a special time in their lives.

For corporate clients I learn about the company,
the people, their products and services and
incorporate that into the performance
(when and where appropriate)

They have chosen me to help celebrate
and in a small way be a part of their most special occasions.
It's an honor (and flattering) when clients come to me
specifically asking for or because they want something
more or different than a "normal" magician.
Yes magic is for adults too ..
... and we need it more than children!

This is part of what feeds my concern  with reaching the audience, connecting with them, creating and sharing something that enables them to smile, think and feel.
Am very fortunate to have the career I do and take nothing for granted 
Thank you

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