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Friday, November 27, 2009

Thoughts on the art of Magic at Thanksgiving

It saddens me deeply that some consider magic as simply entertainment for children. Imagine throwing away, ignoring or belittling an art form that can enable you to think and feel, something that can elevate you from your normal daily existence, an art form that can move you to tears from laughter, creating beauty and touching other deep emotions

This is not the fault of the art consumer, the challenge lays with the performers who do nothing to enhance or elevate the art and appear simply as a trickster, "Hey look at me and what I can do, aren't these tricks neat".

The performer who does nothing to educate their audience?

Those who don't or can't give their audience an experience that will elevate them, that will touch them, that will tuck something away in their mind for later consideration or even simply (and sometimes the hardest) share a huge face splitting grin have cheated their audiences as well as cheated themselves and harmed the art.

Does the challenge lay with so called performers who don't share with their audiences what magic can be and instead appear in a foul polyester vest pulling objects from their mouth or their various other insults to the art? Or does the fault lays with performers like myself who know something different and don't enlighten those less fortunate? Those who haven't had the guidance to read and study the amazing books on the art. Who may not have had the time or experience to know how rewarding it is to create and share those special moments with the audience.

I've often said I don't do magic, the magic happens in the audience. Without an audience I am nothing, a guy doing odd things. It is with that consideration I go into every show and know I have to give the best possible show, try to create art, to reach the audience on many levels and craft a unique and memorable experience. Anything less is a cheat, totally unacceptable and unthinkable.

If all you are looking for is someone to ask "How did you do that" then you have missed the boat as a performer.

Children are the easy ones to win over (even though they can be the most severe audiences) it is adults who most need their imaginations sparked, their funny bone tickled, their thoughts stimulated and their heart strings tugged.

Please join me as we begin a journey into a world where anything is possible