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Monday, March 8, 2010

Crazy .... or Amazing ... maybe a little of both

An amazing thing....... this past Saturday.

A potential client asked me about producing her daughter for her sweet 16th birthday party, she emailed the previous Saturday. I don't hear back from her so I think she's decided to do something else for entertainment. Out of no where she sends me a deposit ........ on Thursday ..... 2 days before the party.

Had given 3 options for the production. I finally get her on the phone and .... her daughter wants the Metamorphosis production ........ aaaahhhhhaaaa. I explain how challenging it can be and how people spend decades learning to do it well and ......

97% of the guests there are high school friends all done up and ready for a big night out.

This has all the ingredients for a disaster ..... I modify Metamorphosis a bit to make it easier. To her credit the daughter Jillian on the day of her Sweet 16 party spends the time I asked for rehearsal, she is willing to work to make the effect as good as we can in the time given and ........

We pulled it off!!! Pretty damn well, too.

Today .... the mother writes me an unsolicited glowing reference email

They were a great group to meet and work with, I'm really glad everything went well but ....
.... it still was crazy ;-)~