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Thursday, July 17, 2014

My story as magician

Below please find some writing from a few years back I came across today..... Am often asked how I become a magician. This will explain part of it, was in Vegas for a convention. I was an adult, already established in a successful career (marketing director for 12 years) and had to go to Vegas every year for a convention. Don't enjoy gaming that much so I was strolling through the mall at the Venetian when I got sucked in by 2 demonstrators at Houdini's Magic Shop. Here I am fourteen years later in 2014 ........

  Many magicians have the story about seeing a magician when they were about 7 years old and being impressed, and/or getting a magic set for a Holiday gift and doing their first show at a tender age, around 10, 11 or 12  (usually they admit to it being a learning experience).

  In my case magic found me, as an adult. After about 3 years of magic being a hobby (and forcing poor quality magic on family and friends) I was fortunate to work in some of the toughest, most challenging circumstances. Yes, fortunate to work in hard places. It made me a much better performer. Jumped into the deep end and it was sink or swim. Luckily I learned to swim quickly.

  This allows the Illusions by Vick show to be different, my formative years weren't spent focused on magic. It's wasn't a introspective time. I was able to experience life without the limitations of an all consuming hobby. 

  Some magicians and their acts are influenced by those experiences and learning magic at 10 (sadly some stay there, never progressing any further. I don't like props that look like magic props and why do so many "tricks" have to be about dismemberment or potential danger to the magician, assistant or audience member when you know they are never in any real danger?)  where I had the advantage of having life experience, being a complete person, versed in many different areas including the arts.

  That is part of why the Illusions by Vick show is a bit different. There are real life experiences to draw from to craft the show. Experiences that happened to me and very possibly to you, the audience. Making the magic come together, to come alive, to weave a story instead of just magic tricks being presented with an out of the box spiel that was bought with the trick.

  Mix in influences from literature, music, history, cinema and other thought provoking interests crafts a more well rounded show.

  That is part of what allows me to be something other than your typical "rabbit out of a hat" magician.

  Another part is I wear my performing heart on my sleeve, every show means so much to me. You've trusted me with your most special moments, there is a sincere obligation to make your event special with the magical entertainment we experience. When you bring Illusions by Vick into your events, into the most special times in your lives I owe you a great deal including the utmost courtesy, professionalism and and an amazing show with a lot of fun and audience interaction. Something to wow you in the here and now and something you take with you to help create great memories.

  I often become very fond of the client before the show. We email back and forth, talk on the telephone. I get to know the client and audience a little before the show ever happens, they are allowing me to share a special time in their lives. Very often clients become friends. That is one of the best parts of my career as a magician. People who began as strangers become clients and end up as friends. There isn't a week I don't get an email from someone I've performed for in the past. I sincerely enjoy that, it's heartwarming and very special to me.  

  It's an honor (and again flattering) when clients specifically find me and request Illusions by Vick. Often it's because they want something more or different than a "normal" magician. Think that is part of why I am fortunate to often be hired to entertain for 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th and up to 99th Birthday Celebrations, for special anniversaries as well as many special occasions, unique and unusual shows, for college and corporate events.
Yes, magic is for adults and we need it more than children.
(I'll never deny magic to younger audiences, there is something up my proverbial sleeve for almost everyone).

Thanks for the ear (and eyes)

Please be well.

Best wishes from your Magician,
Illusions by Vick