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Saturday, May 29, 2010

What Performing Magic can do

Another good show for a great group of people today. It's a wonderful feeling/experience to share a performance that touches people, give them laughter, encourages them to think, that emotionally touches and moves them and enables a perspective from a difference place, the small part I play in their creating a great time. It truly is the best thing I can do, for everyone.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Amazing what boundaries Magic can cross

I've been to the Cradlerock school the past 2 days promoting

the fund raiser I'll be performing next Friday May 14.

The students were great, a very diverse school to say the least. The younger students were getting so excited I had to stop performing in the crowd and move up to the stage (no more floating butterflies or Rites of Spring walking through the students)

What is really great/amazing is how performing(magic) transcends all the social boundaries. The too cool for school guys were sneaking up on stage through the wings to shake my hand. A student showed me I was their screen saver.

We have a unique ability as performers to reach our audiences, to give them something special. In some small way to reach out through all the day to day nonsense and create a space where anything can and does happen and imagination rules, at least for that short time we are in that spell together. Where everything for once really is good and for those few short minute everything will be alright.

I promise I'll keep making that space for us as long as you keep showing up to share it with me