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Monday, June 19, 2017

Thoughts about magic

Magician Illusions by Vick wrote the following some years ago. With a new website it's no longer easily available but wanted to leave it, to share it somewhere. Thought here would be a good place. The following is heartfelt........

Performing Magic isn't about doing "tricks".
It's about entertaining, creating a special experience, connecting with the audience
To share something that amazes, engages and entertains in the moment while
Helping to create great memories.

Children are the easy ones to win over
(even though they can be the most severe audiences)
it is Adults who most magic, their imaginations sparked,
their funny bone tickled and their heart strings tugged. 

Often say that I don't do magic,
The magic happens in the audience. In your minds, in your hearts and on your faces.
Without an audience nothing happens, just someone doing odd things.
It is with that consideration I go into every show ,
to share the best possible experience,
to create art, to connect with the audience on multiple levels.
To craft a unique and memorable experience.

Where but in magic can you be an artist who creates miracles,
to enable others to laugh, think, feel a spectrum of emotions
and maybe experience wonder?
Leading the audience on a journey into the incredible?

I care deeply about the art of magic and hold it in the respect in deserves.
Study, learning, practice, rehearsal, discipline, love and more.
It's an honor to share with every audience a most amazing experience.
Through one of the most beautiful performing arts.

As always, Thank you