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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Magician Illusions by Vick's Pokerface and Microexpressions

Illusions by Vick's parlor & stage show features the routine "Pokerface" (had another great subject at last Friday night's performance) 

"Pokerface" for those of you who haven't seen it yet is about determining if an audience member is (possibly) being deceitful or honest by reading microexpressions and other clues

"Pokerface"  allows an audience member the opportunity to bluff if they choose  ........

while I explain the reads (from microexpressions and other tells) to the audience and try to determine when and if they are being honest or if they bluffing . 
Without knowing the other audience members sometimes assist with the reads. 

"Pokerface" becomes even more amusing with an outgoing and/or funny audience member (they become the star of the show for a few minutes)

This routine was inspired by mentalist and entertainer Christian Painter and is in part built on the work of Dr. Paul Ekman

Here's a little on the history of microexpressions