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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Some magicians are real Jerks! and idiots

Sorry I don't blog more often. Fortunately this month of October has been one of the best months for me performing and professionally.

Something bothered me last week and I want to take a minute to share or vent about it. On Monday October 24th I attended a lecture at Denny and Lee's featuring Sean Taylor. Sean is 0utstanding in his work (mentalist, comedy and magic), his experience and his teaching.

Two local magicians sat in the front row starting talking so loudly they were disrupting the lecture. So much so that Sean looked/leered over at them but they didn't seem to get it. Hey JERKS, I got a news flash for you, you both are local small time magicians, whatever you had to say doesn't compare with the information Sean Taylor was sharing!
Are your skulls soooo thick you don't get it??!! You both are barely working, the lecturer is in demand all over the world. I'll spell it out, what Sean had to say was important, valuable information that could have helped you become better, craft a better show and increase your income. Your little chit chat was more important than learning about the art and ways to increase income??

I had a modicum of respect for one (who should have known better) of you until that night and guarantee you lost out by being idiots. I wasn't the only one disturbed, you were so rude and dense you didn't get it when Sean looked/leered at you, nor when people in the audience shot dirty looks your way.

Here's the kicker, one of the two jerks yacking said something to the effect of "I can't make enough money in magic, I make my money in mutual funds"
(think you were exaggerating about the mutuals but not about the lack of income from performing magic)

It's no wonder why you can't earn a living performing magic! You can't even recognize an opportunity to get better at your craft or to learn (Sean Taylor has some very viable routines and concepts which he shared, audience tested material that will play very strong for the right performer)

Eventually the two jerks shut up and they didn't totally ruin the lecture but I'm left wondering about why they were there, about disregard for common courtesy (if they needed to talk so bad they could have went to the back of the lecture hall)

Yeah, magicians can be real A&**#*($ ,
I'm first in line to say I am (when in the right place I'll freely speak my mind about other performers, good and bad.See Maryland for an example)