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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Magic is ... for Adults

MAGIC IS FOR EVERYONE, not just children!
As great as it is to see children laughing and a spark of imagination light up in their eyes I've often thought
ADULTS NEED MAGIC THE MOST! Adults most need their imaginations sparked, their funny bones tickled, their perspectives refreshed and their hearts touched. Adults appreciate a celebration where all their concerns are forgotten. Immersed in a beautiful, funny, amazing and unique art form and entertainment experience.
Magic is an incredible art form, Where but in magic can an artist share miracles, enable others to laugh, to think and feel a spectrum of emotions? A journey into the incredible.
A good magician/performer will create and share an atmosphere where anything can and might happen, where the boundaries of normal existence fade away and our minds are wide open.
This is entertainment for everyone.
I talk about this often and struggle against the typical "magician" stereotype. It came to my attention again today speaking with a client, (very nice woman) and she said "I thought magicians were for 5 year old children's birthday parties" Nothing could be further from the truth.
I don't recommend a magician for any gathering of only children under 6 years of age. A clown/character who can paint faces, make balloon animals and maybe do a few "tricks", that's a great fit. Not the right fit for a magician (illusionist or mentalist).
Forget the stereotypes and open your mind to amazing, fun, engaging and enlightening entertainment.
The Magic Awaits!