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Monday, May 1, 2017

rough view behind the curtain and/or about creativity

Been a long time since I've blogged this was written for a magic forum on FB,
 rough view behind the curtain and/or about creativity

 The difference between tricks and routines Or how we take tricks and build a routine
And why we need brick and mortar magic shops
Many years ago when starting out in the magic I was thinking about an opener and talking to Denny Haney in Denny and Lee's magic studio
He suggested I simply open with "in the news" which is water into the newspaper and back out without the newspaper getting wet Denny shared and crafted an elegant way to begin a program with that effect (Denny believes begin the program with the stage clean and end the program with the stage clean, I personally don't do either)

 I took the germ of an idea he shared, kept it and ran with it I thought where would I be reading a newspaper? Being raised by my grandparents we always read the newspaper at the breakfast table or the dinner table
OK I've got dinner and I've got a newspaper
What if I flip that about a bit and I'm preparing a dinner What magic is available for a dinner?

 I don't like any of the latex or foam food pieces so I thought about setting the dinner table
Candles roses wine
Things that you associate with dinner got those magically covered

 Simple things like write what you know
 One has a life and interests they may be Star Wars, Game of Thrones, geology or whatever

Think how you make that relatable to your audience and build a routine
 For me personally it's all about that space it's created during the performance

How you transport the audience and that is done with good effects and effective, relatable and creative writing

You can disagree but the trick itself is not enough
You have to have a relatable and likable routine and character. Yes I have a gift for the obvious