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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hiring a Magician ~ Stay Away from Philip and Henry

For Birthday Magicians, Party Magicians
Magic Shows & Magicians
Stay away from ~
Philip and Henry

Pay for a magician you don't get to choose??!!
WARNING ~ Philip & Henry also advertise
Under the name

Before you invest hundreds of dollars (or more) for magic and entertainment
Please read this page and save yourself time & money.

With today's economy and gas prices every dollar counts so we want to show you the Philip & Henry agency booking practices and why you may not get the magic show you think you are!

Philip & Henry won't tell you they charge you top dollar, then bid your show out to the cheapest performer!

Here is the proof
Cheapest Magician Gets YOUR Show
Where they ask magicians to bid low to get work, possibly at your event!
Is that what you want at your party??!!
whoever the cheapest guy is after you pay $298 - $950 or more!!

That Birthday performer you are paying $389 for (thinking you are getting a $389 show) often gets paid $125 (sometimes less).
You are paying for a $389 show but receiving a $125 show?!

A quality magician can't perform for $125 as gas, a car, insurance, consumables, equipment, investment in books and lectures can cost more than $125.
For $125 you might get some guy who bought $50 worth of poor quality, cheap tricks 3 months ago and is borrowing his mother's car. He might have put on a clean shirt, maybe bathed (maybe took a cologne shower) and might have some stale gum to cover up the stench of his breath.

Ask Philip and Henry who will be performing at your event?
For local shows they can't tell you!
Because they haven't shopped your party to the lowest priced performer yet.
Do you really want your special event farmed out to whoever will do it the cheapest?
When you pay $950 (or more) shouldn't you get a $950 show?

Please think about this for a minute
If you hire someone from Philip & Henry you get stuck with whoever they send you.
Shouldn't you be able to choose the performer for your event?
See videos of the performer and speak with them?
Make sure they are the right for for your special occasion
Would you hire a band without hearing them?
Would you hire a photographer before you see their work?
Magicians aren't interchangeable, there are different types of shows and different skill levels
Do you trust Philip & Henry
To choose the magical entertainment and magician for your special event?!

No need to go through filling out forms and being repeatedly called and emailed
Here are the Philip & Henry price lists
Corporate Adult Events
Adult Magic Show (30 min) - $750 ,
(40 min) - $850,
(60 min) - $950,
Mingle Magic: 1 hour - $489, 2 hours - $789, 3 hours - $989
Company Trade Show: 1 day (6 hours each day) - $1,800, 2 days - $3,000, 3 days - $4,000
Brand Name Exclusively with Performers - $2,500 - $38,000

Recently a corporate client contacted a known magician directly after being quoted $950 and an offer of a $350 upsell from Philip & Henry for a 60 minute corporate close up show.

The known magician crafted special illusions exclusively for the performance that incorporated the clients services, mission and focus of the celebration, providing the client a custom entertainment experience for their event (at no extra charge)!
The client got a better quality show from a known performer, impressed their bosses and saved the company money

Philip & Henry Children's Birthday Show Prices
40 minute show Birthday Magic Show - $289
Birthday Magic Show + 1 Large Illusion - $589
Birthday Magic Show + Learn Magic Workshop (Additional 20 min) - $348
Family Magic Show (Children & Adults) - $389
do the adults have to leave the room?
Would you trust someone Philip & Henry sends alone in a room with your children??

The entire family should enjoy the performance, to be with each other, enjoy that special time and make amazing, once in a lifetime memories.

Philip & Henry Prices for School Shows
Up to 80 Kids - $279
2 Shows: 80 Kids - $479
Show: Up to 160 Kids - $379
2 Shows: 160 Kids - $679
Show: Up to 400 Kids - $479
2 Shows: 400 Kids - $879
Workshop: 1 hour (Max 25 kids ages 5-12) - $279,
2 hours (Max 25 kids ages 5-12) - $479
Mingle Magic: 1 hour - $279, 2 hours - $479
1 Large Illusion - $300
The more the merrier, more laughs, more fun, more audience members to connect with
and include in a special magical experience
* The term kids is from Philip & Henry
We prefer students, guests or children

Philip & Henry claims all their magicians are trained and perform the same show
About their Magicians
"Specializes in screening and training magicians to put on a fantastic
Philip & Henry Magic Show in your local area at a fair price.
Sets out Professional Guidelines and Standards for the Magicians,
to ensure the safest and highest quality of talent"

That's not true as anyone calling themselves a magician can become part of the P & H network
Right Here

Truth is Philip and Henry provide NO REAL TRAINING

Go with a local magician, someone you can really talk with and stay far away Philip & Henry