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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Busiest weekend of the year Part II

Wow, what a day. From Ellicott City, MD to Media Pa to Crownsville, MD. From Professor Snape at a Hogwart's theme birthday party to having fun at a 13 year old young man's party in a gorgeous house seriously done up for the occasion.
Both were great parties with parents going all out for their children. Everyone was nice as could be and a good time for all.

The Harry Potter theme party was amazing. The house was done up like the great hall and the outside was done as Hogsmeade. I tested the students as Professor Snape. Am sure you can guess the results. The transformation from paper to fire certainly shocked the student.

Might not have handled the second party as well as I could but they had inquisitive minds and lots to say so I tried to work with them. Given the choice between stopping the show and demanding quiet or going on and taking their inquisitive nature into account and working with it I choose the latter. All in all they were a cool bunch of kids and the parents were great. Had to adjust the show as I went along but it worked out. Always amazes me how well the linking rings go over everywhere. Everyone loves the fire bits, I think the fire bits are cheap theatrics but they work.

Again the original pieces are the stars of the show, I have to find the muse for more

Denny Haney has it so right in his lecture notes. It really is about getting the audience to like you, then presentation and it's got to be tight and it's got to be fun.

If I can reach someone's mind and make them think and or feel, then I've achieved art

It was a challenging weekend but I think we did ok

Going on with the show

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