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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Our world badly needs more great magicians

I performed a show for a holiday party/house warming last night and it dawns on me how badly the world needs more quality magic performers. The party was all adults with one 5 year old child (the son of the couple that hired me) and the show went over very well (I overheard some very nice comments as I was loading out).

Afterward I spoke with both the husband and wife, the husband comments how when telling guests they would have a magician the remark was "Oh it's a party for children". The wife told me I must have amazing nerves as half of the audience (about 40 people) were men (who are engineers, wish I had known before) who at the beginning were skeptic and focused on figuring out "how" things were done. I explained how by wrapping stories around the effects and including the "skeptics" in the performance it takes away the focus on how things are done.

There are other aspects that come into play to remove the focus on "how" it's done and to make it entertainment. When adults think magic is only entertainment for children they are missing out on some of the finest entertainment in the world, some great, amazing and moving experiences and outstanding art and theater. That is why we need more quality magical performers.

Well I changed that small portion of the world, only 5,999,999,960 more people to go.

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