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Monday, February 13, 2012

The little things .....

Illusions by Vick most often performs for adult or all age audiences with the exception of February & March when I perform for Blue & Gold Banquets (my way of giving a little back). Saturday was my first Blue and Gold of this year. There was a young girl of about 6 in attendance, she was very interested in the pre-show. During the show I gave her the rose I use in "Dinner". At the end of the show after I packed up the same little girl finds me, face covered in green icing, has the biggest smile in the world, looks up at me for a minute then opens her arms for me to give her a hug.

One of the Scoutmasters walks up to me after the show and said "You did something we can't do", I asked him what that was, he responded "Kept their attention for 45 minutes"

Upon opening my email the following morning I found an email from the Scoutmaster who found and hired me for their Blue and Gold, it read"Thank you much for providing our entertainment for blue & gold yesterday! I have received countless verbal, email, & Facebook comments on how great you were! The boys were enthralled, engaged, & entertained! One of our best yet! "

Sometimes it's the little things

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