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Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Magician Sits Down .. The Magician Stands up

I was privileged to have one of the most beautiful moments of magic ever in one of my shows last night ...... and I didn't perform it.
I had been hired to perform 45 minutes parlor(magical entertainment) at a 50th Birthday Celebration. The gentleman (Eugene) who hired me to perform for his wife's 50th birthday celebration and I had been communicating in email, along the way I suggested if he had a small present to present I could show him a magical way to present it. He liked the idea. We took a few minutes before the show to go over the presentation, I believe he had be practicing on his own(when I gave instruction on where to place it he made a remark that lead me to think he had been trying on his own).
I brought Eugene and his wife Katherine up to perform Anniversary Waltz (a card trick that can be a beautiful, fun moment) and when I was done Eugene said he had a trick that might top mine. (I sat down and directed a person with a video camera to a good spot for their special moment)

He did it perfectly, when the flash died away there was a very, very beautiful ring hanging from his hand on a fine chain. There was an amazing outpouring of love and joy, not just from his wife but from everyone present (about 30 guests). The laughter, applause, love and hugs went on all night as part of this very special celebration

If you wanted to imagine the perfect party, I nominate this evening. My words can't adequately describe the life and love that infused this event. It doesn't suffice to say that Ukrainians know how to party. There were at least 4 people there who were good piano players, a group of about 10 women got up and danced, sharp minds and great food & drink (I only tried the homemade cranberry vodka and I never ever drink at a show). These people define joie de vivre.

There is a lot more to these wonderful people then I will go into here but again .....
It was one of the most beautiful moments ever in my show ... and all I had to do was sit and enjoy!

Sometimes I say I perform because it makes others better people (when someone is laughing, enjoying themselves, amazed or having fun that is about the best someone can be), last night they made me a better person.

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