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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Magicial ranting and ravings

From The Actor Magician Essays
By Louis C. Haley
Extracted from his book "The Dramatic Art of Magic"

" ......People now-a-days are beginning to look upon the Magician as one who can especially amuse the children. In times past whole cities used to get wrought up to a high pitch of excitement over things that do not approach in real mystery the things that are done today. I think one reason for this attitude on the part of the public is the fact that the Magician has lost the dignity of his calling and is in imminent danger of seeing his self-respect going with it."

Written over 100 years ago and true today

It saddens me greatly to see magic considered by some as amusement for children, it grieves me worse to see heinous performers foisted upon children.
Perverse and or pretentious performers who denigrate themselves in their base attempts to pander to the lowest common denominator at what they misguidedly consider entertainment. Completed by their strange and improper looking props. Why must everything have some strange pseudo Asian writing on a painful color scheme?

Are such want to be performers too unintelligent to know any different?

I could post hundreds of thousands of pictures and websites to support my statements.

We could have enlightenment in entertainment, but instead it's a weekend clown in a $5 cape and discount wand calling it a Harry Potter show.

Can Darwinism please happen quicker in the world of magic?

Obviously you don't have to play down to anyone, especially children. Acts such as tearing apart toilet paper and offering it up to be placed in the mouth to produce a mouth coil (oh wait, I saw that in a show for adults, not kidding). All performances, children included can be presented in an intelligent, elegant and incredibly entertaining fashion.

Why are we accepting the bar being lowered in performances for children when we should be raising it to stimulate their fertile imaginations?
Why do we accept performers insulting their intelligence?

Of course there are outstanding performers who specialize in working for children. However I'd wager all of you reading this know of more heinous performers thinking they are geared to children than quality acts.

There is and always will be a place, need and market for comedy magic, but all too few quality comedic performers.

Sounding Off from the Soapbox of the Society for Quality Entertainment

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