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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The tale of 2 different magic shows

What an outstanding weekend, 2 great shows that were as different as could possibly be.

Friday night at Hillwood Museum (absolutely beautiful facility), a show for Alliance Francaise Soirée Carte Blanche: electronic happy hour with an artistic twist. Upscale, very cool, great party concept, the hosts were incredibly gracious. Interesting crowd, good mix.
Did a short set featuring "Seduction of the Senses", "Sorcerer's Apprentice", my homage to Dia Vernon "Symphony of the Rings", multiplying bottles and a closer. Had a challenge with cueing the music at the right time but oh well. Loved the people, the place and while I see the problems overall it was a decent set.
Best part is the Alliance Francaise has invited me back for their Halloween Party at Bistro Napoleon for a midnight show. Going to put something special together. Very much looking forward to working with Alliance Francaise, in particularly Anna & Sylvain.

Saturday night was 180 degrees a different world. a 50th birthday party at a V.F.W. English Consul hall. Some old friends and people I worked with in the past. About a 40 minute set, got to stretch out a little while performing. More music problems, went to start Sorcerer's Apprentice and my CD player had been moved by the DJ, it's a good piece but it needs the music to be fully effective. Melissa did an outstanding job of getting me there and birthday girl Cheryl couldn't have been more happy. Great to get to spend a little time with them and see a very dear long time friend and other familiar faces.

The 2 shows couldn't have been more different and both were great in their own ways. Really like the crowd at both and who could ask for more than 2 decent sets that well fairly received. Yes I had problems in both sets but that's the advantage to experience. I might be the only one who saw all the problems.

Next up, Halloween Weekend - 4 shows in 3 states & DC in 2 days.
Am I crazy or in love with the business and want audiences to see what good magic can be?

stay tuned

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