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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Thinking about hiring a magician? What does a magician cost?

Often I get calls or email from prospective clients asking about my services as a magician. They may have never hired live entertainment before so they might mot have an idea what a magician's fees are. The prospective client may be thinking they are hiring an hour (in my case the stage or parlor show is 45+ minutes) of my services so maybe it's like other skilled trades, mechanic, plumber or the like. Well..... when you hire Illusions by Vick you get a lot more than the 45 minutes.

Please allow me to pull back the curtain a little,
for the average client we send 8 emails back and forth discussing your event,
(plus time on the phone, I am always available to share experience, to answer questions, take requests or suggestions). This is some of the best times with a cleint, we get to know each other, I get to learn about special people and this time helps develop a special show just for your event
1 to 2 hours goes into developing the set for your show
I spend about 5-6 hours in rehearsal for each event,
plus drive time back and forth (let's say 30 minutes each way),
About one hour setting up before the performance.
Then the 45+ minutes for your show
About 30 - 45 minutes after the show cleaning up, loading out and speaking with guests
Conservatively speaking that's 10 hours devoted to each performance

That's before the 12 years training and intense study (lot of lectures, working with a director and many, many books). That's before all the specialized equipment.

For every show I use about $40 in combustibles/expendables (Among other things I purchase a dozen roses for almost every show even though I may only use 2 or 3).

Add in assorted operating expenses, gas (I drive a 32+ MPG car for many shows), maintenance, maintenance of equipment, insurance, liability insurance (other performers might not carry liability insurance, I do due to the venues I perform in and it's what professional performers have to do) and other assorted operating costs (dry cleaning, costumes and so on) .

Could I be that guy that goes around with a set show for every audience, who shows up 15 minutes before the performance, doesn't use combustibles/expendables and doesn't have special equipment?
NO! The performance would not be the same and I can't do anything less than a special, quality show....

Not every performer makes the same commitment to their clients, sad to say.

I hope you see the difference, you can read what clients have written about Illusions by Vick here or Google "Illusions by Vick"
I consider myself very lucky to have had such warm and truly wonderful experiences performing ... but that is the goal, to enhance a special event. It's part of why the show is the way it is.

One thing that can't be measured in cost is the amount of heart that goes into every show.

I understand some people in these challenging economic times may be on a budget and my services might not be the right fit for them. For these clients I recommend other options (I try to help everyone get the best possible entertainment program, even if it isn't Illusions by Vick) just be honest with me, it's nothing to be embarrassed about.

I hope this helped someone shopping for entertainment have a better understanding and perspective of what goes into your show.

Please always know, Illusions by Vick is here for you.
One of my goals regardless of who performs for you is in the end trying to make certain you have the best possible entertainment experience .... and that is priceless ;-)

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